HX 14“ Foldable Electric Bike



The HX H1 Flying Fish Mini E-bike folds, making it easy to store and perfect to pop in your boot for a mixed commute.

The 14 integrated wheels hold the anti-skid tires alongside the rear suspension system and shockproof fork, H1 Mini Bike provides a safe and comfortable ride.

The smart LED meter shows current speed and battery levels for your convenience.

German Standard LED Headlight Light source concentrated on long-distance to illuminate road surface.

Removable battery easy for charging, endurance longer.

HX H1 Bike inner and outer pneumatic tires on the motor absorb vibration. Rear-axle frame spring damping.

H1 Ebike seat has a pneumatic bar to absorb shock. Riding is smoother, efficient shock absorption.

The HX H1 Electric Bike features a 36V 250W brushless motor and a 10AH removable battery that can travel up to 35 km on a single charge. This amazing 14 foldable E-bike offers 3 options for the rider, you can ride it like a Regular Bike, Pedal Assist and Full Electric Accelerator for Easy Coasting.


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