HX X9 Scooter – 25 mph Electric Scooter



Longest Range Electric Scooter 55 mile – 70 Km from embedded 15.6Ah battery

Powerful Motor – 500W scooter electrico X9 Plus, maximum 850W/1100W output

Fastest Speed HX Scooter- 40 km/h – 25 mph electric scooter (X9 review)

Double hand-grip brake system effectively shorten braking distance. X9 Pro Scooter offers the most accessible & reliable braking and smoothest acceleration available today

Better Design- Detachable battery –36V/48V 15.6Ah, quick swap and charge

Bigger Wheels- 10 inch foot scooter, reinforced vacuum tires with more protection against punctures

Eco Scooter Mode (No “D”): Slowest – 6 mph
Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 13 mph
Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 25 mph

X9 Scooter Features

Powerful and Fast – Excellent engine performance, improved controllers provide efficient power for or up to 25 mph top speed.

Hill Climbing Torque – Rear wheel drive scooter, HX X9 Plus, 36V 500W peak at 850W; X9 PRO Max, 48V 550W deliver peak torque 1,100W. X9 electric scooter will get you up long uphills almost silently.

Long Range – Bigger HX X9 Scooter battery delivers a realistic 55 mile (90km) range, high efficiency 15.6Ah Li-ion.

Safety First – Dual disc brakes with superior stopping power and bright LED lights make X9 Plus Scooter a safe ride. (X9 Scooter Manual)

Intuitive Display – Smart LED displays speed and mileage, X9 Electric Scooter allows for easy gear selection and comes with cruise control via E Scooter P settings.

Ultimate Control – Dependable triple breaking system with quick response rear disk brake, E-ABS front break and foot brake.

Smooth Ride – X9 Scooter extra wide wheels combines with dual spring suspension make for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Wireless Bounded –  Scooter HX X9 is the combination of real aesthetics and technology, without any exposed wires, meticulously crafted and impeccable.

Water Resistant – Rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance to its core components).

Well-Built Quality – Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding, one-piece molding, lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable.

Stylish and durable – Seamless design and reinforced materials, the wide wheel HX X9 Plus is built to last and will turn heads as you glide along your city.


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