X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter



Target a 350W X7 PRO electric scoote for larger Range? 20 Km (12 miles) per single 5Ah battery, extended range with an additional battery

Powerful Stand up scooter –Brushless motor 350 Watts, peak 700W output

City Eco Scooter with Faster Speed – 25 km/h – 18 mph (HX X7 PRO VS X8 Scooter)

Best Buy an Electric Scooter with Better Design- Embedded removable battery can be charged separately, better waterproof of rating IP54

Optional Wheels size – 8.5 / 10inch city street tire for different riders and terrain

3 Second Fast-folding design, solid & sturdy stem and folding mechanism

Eco Scooter (No “D”): Slowest – 6 mph.
Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 10 mph
Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 18 mph

X7 Scooter Features

Acceleration: The X7 PRO Scooter equipped powerful 350 watts brushless motor offers excellent acceleration and hill-climbing ability. With zero-start enabled, the X7 PRO motor scooter is fairly quiet — even at top speed or under high torque conditions.

Max Speed: Rocket to 25 kph (18 miles) very quickly. Three riding speed modes to adapt to any riding habits. Eco, Beginner, and Sport mode.

Top Range: 20 km (12 miles), and removable battery option (5 AH). You can carry an additional X7 Scooter battery for an extra 12 miles.

Braking: Triple Braking System, A hand lever controls the electronic and disc brake simultaneously. Also a foot brake on rear fender, the redundancy is appreciated for safety reasons.

8.5” 10″ Inflatable Tires: Get through bumpy terrain easier with the bigger pneumatic tires.

Portability: Net Weighing in at 27 lbs, folded size is 42*17*17 inches — same as other compact scooters. Easy to carry into a building and onto public transit.

Quick Detachable Battery: Unique embedded battery design that can be popped out easily. Out of juice no longer be a problem with an extra battery.

Cockppit: X7 Scooter has a bright central LED display with simple controls for riding mode, lights, power bar, and changing the P-settings.

Spacious Deck: 18*5.8 inches of standing space with 5” of ground clearance, coated in a texted rubber finish provides grip even in wet conditions.

Build Quality: X7 PRO Electric Scooter Passed UL-2272, IP54 rating means it can tolerate being splashed with water, but not being submerged.

Water Resistant – Rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance to its core components).

*Extreme riding in heavy rain or pooling water is not suggested and may damage the HX escooter (X7 Scooter Manual).

* Max speed and range may vary during actual riding conditions max speed, range, and hill climbing capability (gradeability) may vary significantly due to external factors such as rider weight, terrain, temperature, tire pressure, slope etc (X7 Electric Scooter SPECS)



350W Scooter Electrico

Get to your destination worry-free with a spare quick swap battery.

– Up to 15 Mile Range

– 18 mph Top Speed (X7 Scooter Variable Speed Kit)

– Peak 700W Front Drive Motor

Lighter than an ebike or a moped and still featuring a powerful motor, the 350W X7 definitely won’t let you down.

Removable Battery Electric Scooter

The very FIRST electric scooter brand with Removable Battery design.

One click folding X7 Pro Scooter and carry to a bus, train, streetcar or boat!

Scooters and transit together will get you to place faster than ever.

UL-2272 Certified E-Scooter 


Stay in Control

Reinforced frame no wobbling, a stable and spacious platform giving you the ultimate control.

– Triple Brake System

– Onboard smart control

– Headlight & Brake Light

Reliable Quality

X7 Pro Scooter are trusted and recommended for its amazing build quality and design.

Fast Delivery

X7 Pro Electric Scooter Price Including Free & Fast Shipping to US and EU destinations.

Best Warranty

UL Certified X7 Pro folding electric scooter, 14 days no questions asked return policy




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